Who Do You Trust?

There is an interesting statement in the New Testament regarding personal trust. It references Jesus and His accessibility to trustworthy confidantes and friends. Referencing this statement, it would appear that He had not found many, if any by that time in His life:

“Now when He was in Jerusalem at the Passover, during the feast, many believed in His name, when they saw the signs which He did. But Jesus did not commit Himself to them, be He knew all men” (John 2:23-24).

Trust is not something we should or can casually invest in anybody. When I say that, I do mean anybody – including the Lord God Himself!  Now before you get religious on me and allow that last statement to offend you, follow me on this.  When we talk about having a genuine salvation experience, we are talking about committing our life to Christ in a wholly devoted and unwavering fashion:

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.  This is the first and great commandment” (Mt. 22:37).

That is pretty intense. We are talking “COMPRENSIVE COVERAGE” here! It doesn’t appear that God leaves us any option to hold even one or two things back from His influence or control! Well He is God so of course we should trust Him.? I mean should you really put your trust in Him? Have you ever seen God? How do you know that He is even real? How do you know that, if He is real, He actually has any interest in caring for you?

I’m not sure that I can offer you any statement of guarantee which would take all of the uncertainty out of your mind or heart. After all – our personal belief system is pretty complicated if for no other reason that our experiences with human connections are often filled with disappointment, deception and outright betrayal. In the mix of such an ambivalent track record through the maze of personal relationships – how are we to proceed with this thing called faith and trust in the Lord? Extreme faith and trust I might add (see above).

Relationship requires risk. Any and every relationship inevitably involves disappointment and misunderstanding. If you have been married for more than 48 hours, you’ve surely experienced one or both dynamics by now! God has promised to never leave nor forsake us. He has not promised not to disappoint us. After all, disappointment is a byproduct of unrealized expectations and unmet “need” (real or imagined). God’s promises and my expectations are not necessarily in sync with each other. By way of explaining my thought, let me use marriage as an example. We all come into marriage with some very specific and rather extravagant expectations.

After nearly 4 decades of marriage, I can state unequivocally that I believe in my wife and I trust her love for me. She never means me any harm and she is devoted to pursue a life of meaningful purpose and fulfilling love with me for the rest of our days here on earth. That doesn’t mean she won’t disappoint me. My “expectations” and her “performance” may not always synchronize. Of course, she isn’t perfect and neither am I. God, on the other hand is perfect.  Most significantly, He is perfect love. Perfect love casts out fear. Therefore, I need have no fear that God will ever do anything less than love me perfectly. However, I must be honest. My expectations and His performance do not always sync together.

When that happens I have but one of two choices. I remain faithful in my trust, confidence and hope in Him – realizing He is God and I am not. He sees me fully and knows what I need. He is for me and not against me. Otherwise, I can choose to reject Him because He seemingly denied, overlooked or forgot me. Which is the better course? What would you do if that happened to you?

Allow me to be clear! Here is how I see my life journey playing out to its earthly conclusion! I am going to trust God and His love for me through every season, phase and circumstance of life. Problems and difficulties are going to be opportunities to see and believe in HIS love demonstrably exercised toward me and for me. I am going to love Him in return. I mean I am going to love Him with all that is within me – period! Everything else will take care of itself! Why do I say that? How can I say that? I say that because I’ve truly discovered that love conquers all. It’s absolutely true – love conquers all and I believe that God is love! Therefore, I am going to return that love with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. That’s the very foundation of the faith relationship I have with HIM!


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