“Impartation is a transference of the anointing.  It is not magic!  It is sovereign” (Randy Clark, spoken at VOA in Orlando, FL on Thursday August 14, 2014).

This past weekend the Lord deposited an anointing and instructed one who is his son and servant, to impart courage upon all who would believe and receive. Now is the time to take up your weapons and fight the forces of darkness surrounding you with all your spirit, mind, soul and body.

Your spirit indwelt by God’s Spirit is ALIVE and it is MIGHTY!  Your mind, infused with the Word of the Lord is SHARP, INTUITIVE and SOUND!  Your soul, surrendered to soundness of mind and the study of God’s truth is now capable of receiving CLARITY of MISSION and remaining faithful to the assignment at hand!  Your body submitted unto the righteousness of faith will become STRONG, AGILE and HEALTHY!

Furthermore, your emotions, which often rage against all reason and sanity, are now surrendered to the revelation of the Holy Spirit and the SOUNDNESS of a RIGHTEOUSLY driven conscience. Therefore, you can now have a penetrating understanding of the WILL, the WAY, and the PURPOSE of God.

It is not the time to stand down and rest. It is the hour to rise up and fight! Take back the land. Give no quarter to the enemy. Settle for nothing less than God’s full inheritance declared over you, spoken into your spirit and confirmed in your heart.

GOD has not given you the spirit of fear.  No way is that from HIM!  HE has given you a spirit of love – indeed love so strong that it encompasses even your enemies.

The LORD has given you the spirit of power, POWER so forceful that you can literally run through and over the enemy troops with agility and intensity.  As you do what you’ve been appointed to do, God will cause mountains to melt like wax before you.  Speak to the mountain (the GOLIATH) in your way and cast it aside. Behead that wicked lie opposing you and display its folly in the shadow of the light of Father’s revelation of WHOSE you are and WHO you have now become!

HE has given you the spirit of a sound mind – so sharp that you will suddenly know and comprehend things you never understood before and in some cases, things you’ve never studied or contemplated until now!

Our Father has given unto you EVERYTHING you need. Now stand, go forth and see the salvation of the Lord. Press on until you see and comprehend the beauty of HIS holiness and the greatness of HIS glory!


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