What Are We Expecting When We Come Together

In the world we live in, meetings are a common factor. Everyone has meetings to be attended in virtually every arena of commitment they are involved in. Certainly “church” is no different. In fact, churches are notorious for calling people together for a lot of meetings. Some meetings are informational. Some are inspirational. Many meetings are convened so a small core of leaders can strategize an activity, event or volunteer team assignment. Such meetings are designed to facilitate and enhance the ministry of the church.

As the Pastor of a thriving and vibrant local church here in the upper Midwest, I have made certain that we have a wide range of ministry groups, core team leadership strategy sessions, inspirational gatherings, task force committees, and more. The objective of any gathering at our church is to facilitate the ministry of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit in the mission of challenging, inspiring and impacting people to be changed, so that they will become “change agents” in our world for the glory of God.

Meetings are necessary—church services, prayer meetings, small groups, Bible studies, work projects, outreach initiatives, corporate board meetings, elder’s meetings, worship rehearsals, staff meetings ….! Trust me; the list could go on forever. We pastors do know how to convene meetings. Recently, during a period of unexpected transition which created a major change of direction for our ministry—I felt led by the Spirit of the Lord to redress our mission statement. My goal was to clarify the kind of environmental impact and inspirational transformation that I believe God looks for when we gather in HIS name. I’ve defined that expectation with five 2 word descriptions.

When we meet for any reason at Open Bible Fellowship, I have asked God that through the presence, power and inspiration of HIS Holy Spirit, our people and their guests (HIS CHURCH) experience the following dynamics. We come together with the hope and faith that when we gather in His name one or more of the following will occur in the lives of those who are present and participating with us in faith.

Encountering God – Matthew 6:25-34
Experiencing Scripture – James 1:21-27
Equipping Saints – Ephesians 4:12-11-12
Empowering People – Acts 19:1-6
Edifying Believers – Ephesians 4:11

I believe that worship and faith are dynamic activities. I believe that God is fully alive in our universe and our world today. I believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb. 13:8). What God did in the early church, He has always done and is still doing today. God is Alive. Jesus is Lord! The Holy Spirit is among us! Come on “church”, let’s receive all that God has given us in Christ so that we can truly be all that we can be and do all that we are called to do!

The WORD of God – believe it!
The WAY of God – walk in it!
The POWER of God – submit to it!
The PURPOSE of God – pursue it!
The PEACE of God – embrace it!
The CONVICTION of God – be changed by it!


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